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Windsheild won't go up


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2004 1150rt

My windsheild wont go up, no noise from motor or clicks sounds.

I have tried maually moving it, no haven't used a hammer yet!! Done some research and looks like I need some new relays, or relays have bad connections.

Since I have to take nose piece off to access relays, plan to get new relays either way.


I can't seem to locate the relays on microfiche. or part numbers

I found windsheild parts etc, on microfiche but not relays, if anyone could help would be greatly apprciate it.


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Evening bruce1045


My parts book shows -- 0161361393415 MINIRELAY, CHANGE-OVER CONTACT, GREY (it uses 2 relays).


Are you sure you need a relay (or relays). Check fuse # 3 & fuse #9 first.


There is a (raise) relay & a (lower) relay but the (lower) relay is used for the low (ground) side path on the raise cycle & the (raise) relay is used for the low (ground) side path on the (lower) cycle.

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No not sure at all, but most of the research I've done, points to relays.

I will double check those fuses first,

Thanks for finding those part numbers.


Open for suggestions, besides banging it with a hammer

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Open for suggestions, besides banging it with a hammer


Evening bruce1045


Personally before I started replacing relays I would verify both 12v power (ign switched & battery 12v) as well as chassis ground it present at the relays.


If power & ground OK then verify up/down switch is working.


Then I would manually jump relay terminals to eliminate, or point-to, a bad relay.


At relays verify


red/white wire has full time 12v B+__green/blue wire at switch is getting ign-on 12v__that brown wire at both relays has continuity to ground__ gray/yellow wire at relay gets 12v when up button is pushed (key-on)__blue/yellow at relay has 12v when down button is pushed (key-on)


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that happened to me a long time ago on my RT. The shop didn't have a relay handy, so they jumped the holes to put the windshield up (the position I wanted) while they waited for the relay to come in. I never looked into how they did it, but I'm sure it wasn't too hard.

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When that happened to me, I just bought a working motor/relay/great unit on ebay. It might be the relays, might be the motor, or in my case, a snapped plastic gear. Either way, it was worth the time/expense to find a backup.

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