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RT Protection


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I spent a week in Arkansas recently. I was with three of my buddies riding three different bikes; 2013 UltraClassic, 2013 FJR, and 2012 Honda 700 with extended windshield.


As you already know, it rained like crazy nearly every day. I know there is no such thing as a waterproof ride, but compared to the other bikes with me, it virtually was. When we would get to locations my buddies rain gear, boots, etc were noticeably wetter than me every time. My boots had minimum moisture and theirs were usually drenched. They felt beat up and I didn't.


Last weekend I was in Austin and rode back to Houston in heavy rain. I stopped at a gas station with many other motorcycles and they were very wet even in their rain gear. The HD's were trying to dry their leather and I wasn't concerned at all with my plastic bike. I was barely getting rain on me at freeway speeds.


I've owned a few RT's and always heard they had good protection, but until I rode with others at the same time I had no idea how much better.


P.S. The PR 4GT's I put on about 4k ago felt really solid. They gave me great confidence and I never felt hydroplaning or slippage.


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While there is no motorcycle that won't have the rider using rain gear, the new RT certainly is a good bike to ride in the rain! I left Houston at 4am for a trip out East mid May. Just happened to be the morning all the torrential rains in the recent flooding events were around. Thought I had a window that would get me ahead of the next wave. I was wrong. By the time I hit I-10 it was full on tropical downpour. Riding at 75 mph+ I could see better than the cars and trucks (even though it was still night). With thin gloves you still get some "rain needles" on the hands, but that is the worst of it. Still, the Stitch was wet down the front and left leg. Might need to send it off for the upgraded zippers. Those were extreme conditions and other than the zipper leak I could have ridden all day in relative comfort on the RT.

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+1 on almost everything David and Terry wrote. I never felt any rain needles through the thin gloves I was wearing. When the rain exploded on me out of nowhere I had a short sleeved shirt on and no cover anywhere near to don the rain suit so I pressed. Through 70 miles of off and on showers down I-10 the only rain needles I felt were on my forehead, travelling through the top vent of this noisy Nolan N104 I have. The RT’s protection is pretty amazing. If not for drivers slowing down to 35mph, I think I would have stayed pretty dry. At 70+, everything seems to be deflected.


I only had about 200 miles on the PR 4GT’s when I began the trip and like David, they did great through the rain on the interstate. ..I really like these tires over the Metzeler’s that the bike came with.



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yep, great protection but my only downside is very little breeze in hot weather. Can't have it all I guess.

Well we could have it all if the WetHead RTs had the same air vents in the fairing the old AirHeads had to let cool air onto the rider in hot weather!! If I remember correctly they were just like the air vents in cars of the time so no great expenses to put them in.

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