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2002 R1150R Overhaul


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So I am in the process of giving my R some TLC, main thing I want to complete is an engine repaint. Have the back of the bike and gearbox off and about to start the front.


Any good tips for supporting the engine from this point on?


Also, whilst the bike is torn down to this level what should I replace. I already have throttle cables and clutch line (corroded under the rubber).


When I took off the slave cylinder there was oil inside the cavity, but it smelt like gear box fluid....so the seal I reckon is gone where the push rod goes into the box...but I read stories of slave cylinders going, any good way to test?



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Afternoon Roundy


I usually support the engine with a bolt-on support that bolts to bottom of engine. Lacking that you can probably use about anything solid (like 2x4 & 4x4 blocking). If you are using the center stand as part of your support be sure to strap the stand to the front of the bike so it can't collapse (that happens all to easily).


As to what to replace-- replace whatever it needs or that you can afford now that you have it apart.


Personally I would definitely replace the slave cylinder & probably the rear input shaft seal (especially if you smell gear oil in the slave cavity). I would also add a small cut in the slave gasket to allow future leakage to drip out.



Probably a good time to check & possibly replace clutch parts also.

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I would replace the swing arm bearings. My 02 RT's were shot at 85k

I'd look at all four "while yer in there". Two up by the tranny and the two final drive ones.



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Thanks guys...


I assume i'll just get away with replacing the friction plate so cost shouldn't be too bad?


I like the sound of the support DR - is that something you fabricated yourself?

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Morning Roundy


Yes, it is made from Uni-Strut & is pretty universal to fit a number of bikes & vehicles. I have a welder & chop saw so it pretty well morphs to fit & work with whatever I'm working on.

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