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Bridgestone T30 Review


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About 8kmi back I installed a new T30 on the back of my R1150GS, after watching a video of a chap who road the world in all kinds of conditions with glowing results. I ride pavement about 95% of the time so I thought this looked like a good candidate.


Installation was like others so no surprises there. It road very nicely both straight up and banked over, in both dry and wet conditions....two different material compounds are used on this model.....


Middle of last week picked up a narrow 3" metal object that went through the softer "banked over" area of the tread and out through the side wall....blew a day of work trying a bunch of plugs that didnt work then eventually went with a big patch on the inside.....seems to be doing ok now but just received replacement tires (different brand) that I have used with more success in the past and will mount them next week.


Recommendation: I would recommend these tires only if you knew the pavement is clean in the corners....

I understand that it could happen to just about any tire out there....thing is I have put over 77kmi on my cycle with 7 different rear tires and have never had a puncture so its difficult to be overly positive.




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The original review of the T30s seemed to be more of a gripe about picking up road debris and getting a puncture. Hey, it happens, sometimes on brand new tires. Here's my T30 observations:


I like the Bridgestone T30s but I'm kind of neutral about them.


This is my first set of T30s, on my 2001 R1100RT. I've got about 4,000 miles on the front; 5,000 miles on the rear. Previously I've been running PR3 sets on the RT, before that PR2 - probably 10 sets or more.


My tire guy immediately noticed that the T30 was stiffer than the PR3 tire. I initially found the T30 to be very "neutral" in the curves. It felt like I had to push a little more to get the bike over in the curves. I never felt the PR3 was a tire that "fell into" a turn but the T30 needs more of a push than the PR3 does. Pressure in the tires has been kept at 38-39 front and 39-41 rear. Handling has been good. The T30 has been predictable - never felt vague and hasn't lost grip. I have noticed the ABS has kicked in on several occasions, more than I ever noticed on the PR3. So does that mean that the T30 has less grip than the PR3? Not sure - I've never felt it lose grip on a curve or accelerating, just a few ABS blips. That could be just coincidence.


Not done with this first set yet, so I don't have my final mileage numbers but it looks like the T30 will give me about equal mileage as the PR3. At my current mileage on the T30s 4k front 5k rear, the tires are just about done. I'm at the wear bars in back and close in front. I doubt I'll get much more than 500 miles more. Online, I paid about $75 less for the T30 set than I do for a PR3 set for my RT. I just ordered a PR3 set next to compare them again to this T30 tire and see if my observations still hold up.

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R1100RT with 18 inch rear wheel. No PR4 available in the correct size for the RT rear. Also, I tried a PR4 front and was disappointed with the mileage - I must be the only one...

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R1100RT with 18 inch rear wheel. No PR4 available in the correct size for the RT rear. Also, I tried a PR4 front and was disappointed with the mileage - I must be the only one...

I read a few others that were disappointed... some claimed it was issues with the first batches???

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I am at around 5,500 miles on a set of T-30's. Front tire is hardly showing any wear and I really liked how much it improved the bikes feel over the Conti's that came on the bike. I am not sure about wear on the rear. I have a Rally in Arkansas I will be going to and wondering if the rear has another 2000 miles in it. Probably does, but I have a new Roadsmart II here if I decide to spoon it on. These tires have been flawless in the rain. Cornering is as good as any I have had. At under $220 they may be the best value in a quality tire. FWIW, I never get over about 7500-8500 miles on a rear tire.


And I have not had any punctures!

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I recently burned through a set of the Gt version on my '09RT. My experience was very similar to Michael's. got ~9K miles on the rear, which is typical for me no matter what brand I'm running. I ride mostly mountain roads & twisters. Very stiff sidewalls & hard to mount. Overall, a fine tire IMO. I'd buy 'em again. Now I'm running on a new set of Angel GTs. Same, except they're definitely quicker turning. A bit more $, but I like!

Picking up a nail or debris is bad luck, not a reflection of the quality of the hoop.

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My T30 tires are finished. Front at 4,400 miles, rear at 5,400 miles.


The front developed a noticeable ridge in center. Both sides wore, especially the typical RT left side wear, but the sides wore more than the center.


The rear wore more evenly but still is worn more on the left than the right.


Front COBRAND_NAME=snapfish


Rear COBRAND_NAME=snapfish


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