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2002 R1150RT


In cleaning the engine following maintenance I found a rubber grommet-like hose/line seal. It has thread like ridges on the smaller end. On the larger end, the seal is wrapped back over itself forming a slip-on seal for a larger hose/line. Around the outside, near center is a recess for being fixed into a flat plate. My first guess would be some kind of vent line. or possibly from the radio installation that is not installed.


I cannot find anything missing or out of place. Does anyone know what this might me? (I think I attached a photo -- but not sure.)




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First, you will have to use a photo hosting site to load that picture. You can find help under Discussion Board Support.


Now, regarding the grommet thing. You're not talking about the valve cover gasket/seal at the spark plug hole?

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Morning Ric


Without a working picture we are in the guessing phase here.


Does it look anything like this? _


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Thanks for all of the help with the discussion board. I think the photos are now accessible. Thanks for the suggestions. No, it doesn't look the spark plug grommet. It was found laying loose on the engine below the alternator. Its about an inch and a quarter across at the largest area and about an inch and a half long.


I'm leaning towards an environmental seal in the radio system. This bike was delivered with the radio system installed but without the radio. The radio box was gutted and is now a storage box.



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That looks like, I'm guessing -- the gas tank grommet that fits at the rear of the gas tank and will fall out underneath the alternator. the grommet has two parts, which fits from both sides of the gas tank hole, and then slides down into the frame. Sometimes when I've removed my tank, the inner grommet falls off, and the outer grommet stays in the tank mounting hole when you pull the bolt out.

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