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'09 Suzuki GS500 - Anybody Know About Them?


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No... I'm not sidelining the RoadRunner!


But I am considering an inexpensive 2nd bike... again in hopes of luring my family and friends to come ride with me.


Anybody known anything about these little bikes?



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Guest Kakugo

Really not much that can wrong with those: the engine has been around in one form or another almost as long as me and it's far more reliable. ;)


Cheap to run, very easy to work on, large tank, at least here plenty of used spares (very popular learner bike ;) ) and came with centerstand as standard.

Downsides: brakes and suspensions are on the basic side and handling is not its forte. If you weigh more than a malnourished jockey you will find the suspensions seriously undersprung, especially the fork.

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I babysat one for a year while a buddy went to the sandbox. It was fun. Thomas was so small I'd put him up in front of me while we cruised it around the neighborhood, light and easy to handle, most certainly not intimidating to ride.

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Thanks for the input all... ended up grabbing a nice little Yamaha FZ6 instead.



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My neighbor had one for a while but wasn't using it all that much so he asked if I could exercise it for him. (silly man) :grin: I put a couple hundred miles on it one afternoon, very nice bike! :thumbsup:


Good luck with it and enjoy!


PS... I know what they look like but you're not excused. ;):grin:




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Mister Tee
Thanks for the input all... ended up grabbing a nice little Yamaha FZ6 instead.



The FZ6 is a nifty little bike, but it is a different animal than a GS500, being a de-tuned sportbike. If I were looking at some sort of secondary around town bike, I might consider one of those or an SV650. You would probably would have gotten bored with the GS500.

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