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2009 RT- Thumb switch for heated seat gone


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During a recent bike trip,(2009 Rt) I noticed that the thumb switch for my heated (front) seat was gone. I am assuming it just fell off, as I can't imagine vandilism in which someone would pry a switch off.

I am wondering weather this can be fixed by just popping the grey plastic piece back in, or is it a much costlier process? Has anyone had this problem in the past?

After 3 attempts to get an answer from my dealer, I am still waiting.

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Alan - I don't see that thumb switch called out in the parts fiche as a separate part, but it has to be. I suspect that your best bet might be a wrecking yard or posting on the "parts wanted" section of IBMWR.org. FWIW, I had a very good experience dealing with Rubbersideup in Texas, they had an RT that I got a pedal from. You might check them.



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The shop I use in Northern Virginia is now doing on-line parts.... they can find just about anything IF they don't already have it.


Beemers Uber Ales (http://beemersuberalles.com/)

Just call or email with what you need.


No affiliation other than being a very satisfied customer!


(FYI: George was the one who met me at each check point during the 2011 IBR and helped with my pitstop needs - great, responsible guy)

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Thank you for your replies. After checking suggested sites , it appears that the (inexpensive) plastic switch cover is not available. Apparently, I have to buy the entire control unit new (or used if they can locate one) $150 -$400, then take this piece off of it.

My switch operates easily by inserting any small item in rectangular hole. I am now considering custom solution to grip the switch that will look good.

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