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Is BMW 705 paint the same as 309?


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I have had to remove both fairing sides on my R1100RT and was thinking of respraying the Tank pad. The previous rider has scratched it badly with his belt. I can only find spray cans of 309 Arctic Silver no 705, are these identical?

I am worried that once sprayed (including a clear coat)it won't match, then I'm really in a bind.

I looked at a tank pad protector to hide the scratches but can't find anything big enough.

All advise welcome.


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I bought a roll of 3M Vynil "Floor marking tape"

They use it in Hospitals to tell people to follow the red, blue, line etc.


It's EXTREMLY durable.


A large roll I thnk was $20 US. It's i think 4" wide.


About every year I chunk of a new piece to cover up the belt buckle scratches left by the original owner of my Boston Green RT.

So it lasts a long time.


You can also use it to make a MotoBatt battery black, cover up lights for trackdays and other stuff. The roll will literally last you years.


It comes in almost any opaque color.


You could also get a section of metallic silver "decal" material from a decal kiosk like they have at some malls. A blow dryer allows going around the compound curve.







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Well I'm glad I didn't spray it with Arctic silver, I actually purchased it, sprayed some on a bit of cardboard and I didn't think it was right.

I may have to look at some of your ideas Tri750.

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