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Cow Workout?


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Anyone working out at the UN? I am looking to get a workout or 2 in at the UN. Let me know if your in -



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Greiffster, I just need to work off the beer and bourbon I'll be drinking next week. Nothing scary - I promise!

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If I work out too much, then my Roadcrafter doesn't fit me any more, and all that flapping in the wind, tickles.

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I have to build a protective nest around the Elijah Craig in the top box. No room for running shoes.

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Joe Frickin' Friday
Ok someone has to say it. You are welcome to join us on the patio for 12oz curls.


Looks like I'll be working out every day then. :Cool:



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That's my kind of workout!


I just mentioned to a coworker that we are meeting in Glarus country, and he looked at me and smiled. He's a big beer aficionado and he knew exactly what I was talking about.

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