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Powerlet Plug and...


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Curious if anyone has a source for a Powerlet Plug that has a 5 volt output in the form of a USB socket... want to charge iPhone while on the bike.




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I use the Powerlet brand PAC043 and AAC007 on the dash outlet on my RT.

It gives me a full size female outlet for my Garmin car kit plug and the USB for the IPhone.


A newer, more direct plug is thier PAC043, but only USB.


You want quality? You have to pay for it.



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According to powerlet.com, the adapter I linked to with the USB ports is PAC-069 - PAC-043 appears to be their powerlet to cigarette adapter (which they should really have a better picture of showing both ends, and which I'm failing to post a pic of). Here is the powerlet.com page.



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My mistake, I typed 043 in both descriptions.

The 043 is the one I have when using 2 components.


The 069 is the direct adapter from Euro (BMW) to USB.


Note on using the 069, Powerlet had a few returned as defective until they realized customers were not pushing the adapter in fully.

I mean it has to be ooomphed in until it clicks.

Otherwise, it will seem to want to fall right out.

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A Powerlet to USB adapter will probably work, but I'd avoid any combination that includes a auto-style cigarette lighter socket. I've used a couple different variations and the usb adapter invariably vibrates loose. I finally gave up and wired a usb socket direct to the battery. Does not draw any measurable current when not in use. About $15-20 on Ebay or Amazon.



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