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Kaoko Throttle Lock - need torque spec for bar end bolt


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I have just purchased a Kaoko throttle lock for my 2011 R1200GSA. I was wondering if someone can point me to the torque spec for the bar-end bolt, and also advice on whether loctite or some type of locking tape should be used.



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OK, I found the torque values online. Went to install and I have the 80mm bolt, where KAOKO specifies the 90mm is needed. Called my dealer and they are not available in any BMW warehouse in the US or in Germany. He managed to track down 1 at another dealer. Just called, they have one, and I purchased it. Hopefully it will arrive before my trip out to Torrey and the Grand Canyon.


I am just curious though anyone on the board running the Kaoko with the 80mm bolt. Are there enough threads to get the 21 Nm torque?

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