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05 RT Replacement Key?


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I have an 05 1200 RT. When I purchased the bike used, it came with one key. Lately it keeps coming to me that I should have a second key. Is the only way to get a replacement key through a dealer?

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I bought a key blank from the BMW dealer and took it to a locksmith to have it cut. I think the total cost was about $20.00. The cost for cutting the key was more than usual because the factory key was steel instead of the usual brass. There are key blanks for BMW's for sale on EBAY if your dealer is a long drive.

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The 1200RT key is "chipped"


You'll need to order it from a dealer only using the VIN number.

1-2 business days. Depending on the "head" pf the key you choose, the key will cost approx. 55-70 dollars.

They are cut in NJ and Fed Ex'd to the ordering dealer.

You normally need proof of ownership of the bike and ID to complete the order.

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