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Edinburgh- Lake District - Wales - Stonehenge- Dover - 6/19 to 6/22


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if you are in Edinburgh overnight, take one of the ghost walks that start from near the old parliament building in the middle of the royal mile. Mary King close is also worth a visit.


If you like a challenge on a bike, then Hard Knot pass in the lake district needs a visit. Be warned though, it is very steep, very narrow - about 8 to 10 feet in places - and the switchbacks very tight. In the valley on the western side, there is a very well preserved Roman fort that bears a visit.


In Wales, the coast is my favourite - especially the south coast from St Davids in the West, via Tenby, Pendine Sands with its land-speed record museum and the wild beauty of the Gower peninsular.


Stonehenge is a magical place, but do not miss Avebury on Salisbury Plain, where the village was built inside a stone circle - great biking roads round here too. At Stonehenge you are kept back from the stones and can only view from a distance. In Avebury you are in the circle, and can touch the bronze-age monuments.


Dover is a port-town with the vast majority of people just rushing through on their way to or from France. They miss out - though the town itself has little to comend itself, the castle is well worth a visit - it played a vital role in defence of Britain through the centuries, up to and including WWII.



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Ya could have met up with me as I'm in Glasgow from Monday, but am leaving on Friday.


Have a great trip, and I can vouch for Andy's recommendations - we rode the Hardknott and Wrynose passes in the Lake District together a few years ago (1150 RT and 1200 RT) and they are indeed a tad challenging - best to go early in the day before the crowds appear as passing places are few.


I hope the weather holds for you.


Safe riding.




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Times 2 on the weather. We rode in Scotland for a week last year and we were lucky with that. We did do the tour in Edinburgh suggested and really enjoyed it. I'll be in the Lake District for a night, in Wales for 2 and then stopping at Stonehenge on my way to Dover on June 22. I need to catch a mid-day ferry to get to Copenhagen on the 23rd to be there for my wife's arrival on the 24th. We will then spend 2 weeks in Scandinavia.

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When in Wales, if you get anywhere near Bishops Castle, I would suggest The Castle Hotel. Great place and good food.

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