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Big hands, and a big arm

Joe Frickin' Friday

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Lately I've been grumbling to myself about the difficulty of finding riding gloves that fit me well. My hands aren't gigantic, but they seem to be consistently in between the sizes offered by glove manufacturers - a little too big for large, and too small for x-large.


OTOH, I'm glad I'm not one of these guys:


Jeff Dabe's Improbably Large Hands (the arm-wrestling videos at the bottom show him crushing opponents without even trying)




Genetic disorder endows man with one gigantic arm (includes funny video/commercial in which you can laugh along with him at his history.)

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I have the same problem; just a bit too small or a bit too big. Held gloves seem to work best for me but there aren't many retailers here so I had to go to Denver for a better selection and made a purchase.


As for the guys depicted in your links, well, now I know there's a human equivalent to this:

250px-Fiddler_crab.jpg :rofl:

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