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Unplugged CCP - Transformed the Bike (R1100RS)!

Jim Moore

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Hi Guys,


My new-to-me 94 R1100RS with the new engine has been running great! Well, kinda great. The fueling is not perfect. It doesn't surge, but throttle on / off transitions are a little rough, and it hunts a little at intermediate throttle settings. It is difficult to be precise on corner entry, and it's hard to make small mid-corner corrections. (As a note, the spark plugs are new, valves are adjusted, and the TBs are within 1" of ATF of each other.)


On a lark I tried pulling the CCP today. I have to say it has turned it into a different motorcycle. On and off throttle transitions are perfectly smooth. I'm able to make tiny mid corner corrections with no drama at all. I can rail through a 270 degree onramp at 6500 rpm without a bit of hunting. Even cruising around the neighborhood is a more pleasant experience.


I cannot overemphasize how much this little trick has improved my motorcycle. I strongly urge everyone to try it. For 1100 owners, it takes two minutes. Open fusebox. Remove CCP. Ride. It's a bit more involved for an 1150 owner. You have to unplug the O2 sensor under the tank. It's still worth it.


Give it a try. The difference is amazing.

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roger 04 rt

Jim, Pulling the coding plug and disconnecting the O2 sensor on an R1150 or R1100S, doesn't have the same effect as the R1100R/RT/GS.


Pulling the plug on your R1100 though makes a small gain in fueling as long as you are running non-ethanol fuel. If you use E10 the gains evaporate.


What plug did your bike come with, Yellow or Pink? I ask because a beige plug, which is also Open Loop like No Plug, may be a better match.

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HI Roger,


On my R1150 pulling the CCP did nothing, but disconnecting the O2 sensor was like a miracle cure. It felt like the same thing as pulling the CCP on an 1100. I've read that the R1150 computer uses the O2 input whether or not a CCP is installed. The R1100 computer does not use the O2 input if the CCP is pulled. I kinda figured the key was the O2 sensor inputs. That could be internet malarky, but it sure fit my experiences.


My new-to-me bike has a yellow plug.

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roger 04 rt

On a slightly different note ...


Since you found that the extra fuel from the R1100's no O2 sensor map is to your liking, there's a good way to be able to dial up the fuel to where your bike will really growl. Shift lambda down to 0.90 - 0.94.


Give Beige 30-87a a try.

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