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Need advice---help---TTR 90


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Evidently there aren't many on the TTR forum so I'm asking here-----My son bought the TTR 90 for my grandson's first bike and brought it to Grandpa---me--- to see if I could fix the electric start. I find that there is no 'hot' going to the starter button----and both fuses on the starter relay are OK. The battery is at full charge. Could anyone tell me where to see a schematic wiring diagram so that I can trace out and locate the problem?????? I also welcome suggestions. I'm and old Yamaha guy and know a bit about electrics but need a wiring diagram to trouble shoot this one. ??? The only wiring diagram that I can find on line doesn't make much sense to me----I'm hoping someone out there might have some ideas that will help me trouble shoot?

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Can you link me to the online diagram you found? I've found one from a TW200, and I'm guessing its similar but hard to say without seeing them side by side.


My thoughts are that there may be a few other safety switches inline with the starter switch that is preventing voltage from getting there.

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I think that is for a kickstart only model.


Try this one instead LINK


That site had a LOT of documentation on it. I just searched until I found the newest owners shop manual they had on file for a TTR90. It looks like it has the drawings included for the kick and electric start versions. I would disconnect the battery and start by checking each of the individual switches to make sure they are working. Put your meter on Ohms and check continuity.


If you need help deciphering the drawing, just give a yell

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Keith-----That diagram did the trick----with that help and some good old fashioned circuit checking I've succeeded -----could not have done it without your help. Thanks so much----Lynn

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