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Mounted Pirelli Angel GT's front & Back ("A" spec rear)


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Finally mounted the Pirelli Angel GT's on my bike (2014 RT). Previously had the Continental RA2 GT's. For me NIGHT &DAY difference. Was never happy with the RA's and changed them at 2550 miles. Front already had squaring.


The Pirellis already have much better grip, feel, hold of road, soft vs hard, confidence inspiring, etc etc. All with only 60 miles!


Looking forwarding to finishing the scrub in and really getting to know them. Will report more later for those interested.



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Just cleared 3000 miles on my first set of Angel GTs. They have gotten incredibly hard to turn. Looking at the rear, it is as flat as a pancake. These tires start out with a flatter profile in the rear in an effort to get more life out of them per their website. That profile is not particularly noticeable early on but obvious now. I probably have another 2K left in the rear if I can stand it that long. The Conti's had a great turn-in that never deteriorated but the lack of siping on the rear and a front that wore weird and wobbled when coming to a stop put me off another set. I'd love to have a PR4 with the Conti profile and a stiffer build to maintain good turn-in for the life of the tire. Anybody know of a tire like that or am I dreaming? I'm thinking of trying the Conti EVO next time but it'll probably wear big time. I emailed Conti to see if the EVO has the same characteristics as the GT just out of curiosity. I just hate when the bike gets hard to turn. Or maybe you noticed?



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Very interesting Marc.

I've read more good reviews than bad on the Angels, but will certainly keep an eye out on your observations. So far I'm loving the tires - time will tell.




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