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R1150 / 1100RT exhaust positioning


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Refitting the exhaust to the RT is very straightforward and easy...If you don't mind loosening it again each time you want to remove the back wheel. The weight of the exhaust tends to rotate anti clockwise (when viewed from the rear) around the downpipes,

However, the exhaust can be fitted in such a way as to allow the tyre to pass the bottleneck caused by the Final drive pivot pin on one side and the exhaust on the other.

My question is this: does anyone have an easy technique for single handedly applying the twist on the exhaust so that the exhaust clamp can be done up with the pipe twist applied?

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Difficult removal of the rear wheel is made simple by letting the air out of the rear tire. This should reduce the width of the tire and allow it to squeeze past the pinch point. I just fill my new rear tire to full pressure once it's bolted up.

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Thanks Michael.

What I am saying, is that if the exhaust is positioned just right, you don't have to do that.

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