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June 6th, the day that changed the World War II. Let us never forget those that made it happen on the beaches of Normandy,France.

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Without the sacrifices of those brave men, world history could read very differently than it does.


Never forget.

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I have been glued to the History Channel all week. Was reminded what a tough road the Pathfinder Paratroopers had prior to the beach landings. War is hell.

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Google estimates that we will have until 2036 to thank them in person for their service and bravery. According to my line of work, I'm guessing they are counting even the youngest recruit that entered the service on the last day of the war in that number.


As in the not so distant past, I have a feeling that we are going to continue to have plenty of veterans to thank in the near future.


Thanks Guys! :thumbsup:



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