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Want to remove front wheel 14' RT - inside hex of quick release axel 22mm?


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Going to remove front and rear wheels on my bike- first time ever.


Wondering about the inside diameter of the quick release axle on front right side (sitting on bike). Is it 22mm?


Have read many a thread on wheel removal but not on the new LC version RT (at least I didn't see any). If anyone has done it, any suggestions or tips to pass along would be appreciated for this first timer.



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I simply took an assortment of nuts and found the 19mm fits.


If you weld or know a welder, take a 19mm nut on a bolt and weld the nut to the bolt...


or if the 19mm nut you find is deep enough, you can just place the nut halfway on the axle and halfway on the socket.

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You can buy a a small hex tool with 3-4 different sizes on it for about $8. It attaches to a 3/8" square socket driver.

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The Rocketman

I had a lug nut from my truck welded to a 3/8" drive socket. Also found that a Craftsman spark plug socket put backwards on an extension works too.

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Thanks for the answers.

Also found a great idea.


The hex end of a spark plug socket (outside of where 3/8 drive goes) fits perfectly. Hacksaw the hex end off, sand down till smooth, put 3/8 drive in there to hold it. Looks the ticket.




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Unless you need to save space, there is no need to cut down the spark plug socket. Just insert your extension from the other side of the socket.


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Larry, I tried your way too, but could not get the ratchet extension to go through the socket like yours does. Great idea though.



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To avoid dealing with welding just get a bolt long enough to add two nuts. Tighten the nuts against each other and you are good to go.



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Actually all you need is a 17 mm wrench or socket to remove the bolt on the left side. Once it is out and the pinch bolts loosened the axle will slide right out. Just give it a push with you finger to get it started and then pull it out the right side. If you lift up on the wheel slightly it makes it even easier. Proverbial piece of cake :-)



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