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How old is too old for new tires production dates?


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Just bought new tires for my RT and production dates are:

8 1/2 months old for front

6 1/2 months old for rear.


Has me wondering....how "new" should a new tire be? Or, what is to "old" for a new tire?


Thx in advance.

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Guest Kakugo

Tyres are considered "fresh" up to two years from their production date. They can go much longer than that if properly stored.

So relax, your tyres are very fresh. ;)

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If in a semi-temp controlled area, with limited exposure to UV rays, the major tire manufacturers say up to 4-5 years. Storing too close to fluorescent tube lights is discouraged as well.


Some non-DOT race tires such as the Avon AM18 and AM23 don't have a normal date code on them. Even the U.S. distributor doesn't have the date code breakdown.


I had 3 Avon race tires (tyres) start splitting the outer skin on my shelf and when I called the U.S. place, the guy didn't skip a beat, "send them back"


All over the tires they have stickers proclaiming no warranty whatsoever but this service saved me 700.00


I've used them for years and whatever age they are, they stick like a modern slick and wear like a pencil eraser.


So yea, your tires are babies.


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I think I read somewhere years ago that the shelf life of tires is six years.


This article says 6-10 years.


Tires that are only "months" old are no concern,....if ridden properly, the tires will only last 3-6 months anyway ;)

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Thanks for all the replies-good stuff.


Seems I'm ok. I called the manufacturer (Pirelli) and Customer Service told me they sell tires that are sometimes 2 years old, but that the warranty starts when you purchase. 4yrs if any drying, weather cracking, etc, they will credit for a new tire, minus tread wear used.

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I have drag racing tires that are 14 years old. Double bagged in 3 mil plastic bags, purged with argon, tied up and stored on their SIDE in a dark area. 5 psi of air in them.


Look like new every time I take them out. I am sure I will be taking heat for keeping them that long, but I inspect them and run them.

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