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Replacing Final Drive on RT


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I'm used to dropping the FD for the gear oil change (Remove exhaust, remove wheel, remove speed sensor, remove brake caliper, remove upper link pin).


That only leaves the lower attachment point to worry about. Never been in that thing. The old rep rom I have has nothing to say about this that I can see. There is a list of torques, but I'm not even sure which is for what. Anyone got a link to a pictorial or video?



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I had to remove my FD to fit it on the replacement swingarm. That attachment is on tight. I don't recall that it had thread locker on either. I needed two large lever arms to break it loose. My guess is the larger torque spec is the one for that one.

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Looks like the lower attachment point is 100 nm (73 lbs ft) with blue loctite.


The upper one is 43 nm (31 lbs ft)


Looks like I'll be doing it shortly. The FD just arrived.


I take it the cover on the lower point just pops off with a screw driver or such.

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