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Barber Vintage Festival -- Oct 9-11


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On my trip last month, I made a detour due to weather and spent a day and a half at the Barber Museum and watching the vintage sports cars racing at the race track. I didn't spend near enough time at the museum, I was walking around in a daze most of the time looking at all the stuff. I'm pretty sure I'm going to ride up from Florida for the vintage festival Oct 9-11. It's only a short time after the FART, but if anyone is interested in riding along, let me know, I'll probably leave the Titusville area the morning of Oct 8 and ride straight through if my wife doesn't go, or stop somewhere if she does. I've a route in mind but am open to suggestions from company.

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Glenn Reed

A friend from Ohio had suggested that event for a nice Fall ride. Obviously we would be coming the opposite direction, so no opportunity to ride together, but maybe we will see you there!

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Look for State Route 25 just before you get to Leeds from Vincent - the section heading NW after Vandiver is called the "Mini-Dragon" and traverses Double Oak Mountain. A pleasantly surprising road, and worth the little detour.



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Probably too late but when in Vincent DO THE SPEED LIMIT!


SPEED TRAP...... 50-45-35-45-35-45-50 And the second 35 sign (southbound on 231) is obstructed by a tree branch.

When you see 45 just keep it on 35 until you see 50.

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