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New adventure bike!


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I got to ride a regular 'roadster' style Grom and it made me grin the whole time. I kept thinking about the circus clowns on their scooters. Those hand guards reinforce that notion:) Not sure about an adventure Grom for most, but I'm sure it would be fun for me, at my skill level, on fire roads and such.

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Don't laugh too hard! You might not be the last one laughing.


Seriously, I happened to sit on a Grom at the dealer and was quite surprised. This could be the old Honda Trail 70 or CT 90 all over again.


What a blast to have this to ride on dirt roads, some pavement connecting them. Fishing pole on the back, maybe a picnic basket. This will be the "pit bike" of the decade.


Don't believe that? Honda is having trouble keeping them in stock....

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Guest Kakugo

Honda still manufactures this for the Japanese market:




If you want to save some cash, they also have a version with front drum brake. :rofl:

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Way out there for sure! Trip to Alaska is a BUNCH of miles, I can only imagine the drone everyday on that toy!


But there is more, a dude on a Ruckus, keywest to Alaska.

Ruckus RR


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