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2006-2013 RT Tank Bag Assistance


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So I have the giant BMW Tank Bag, which I really don't care for much, but use it when I need a ton of storage. To fix that, way back when I bought a Big Mak bag and another factory bag in bad shape to get the baseplate. The Big Mak bag was made to fit on the factory baseplate and I really like the bag. But sadly, the bag has now seen better days and starting to disintegrate. The Big Mak maker (Mark) Is out of business AFAIK, so I can't get another one.


Part of the reason I bought the Big Mak bag is I love the factory baseplate mounting system and would like to replace it with another bag that I can convert to fit on the baseplate. Has anyone else done this with another brand/type of tank bag (fitted to a factory baseplate? I'd like something fairly small, part of the reason I don't like the BMW bag is the sheer size of the bag. The big mak bag is about 1/4 the size and just what I need to put sundries in (sun screen, ear plugs, phone, etc..)


Thanks in advance for any advice or experiences...

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

In advrider.com, there is a vendor forum. Within that forum is a guy that makes custom cordura items. He might be able to make another big mak to go on the plate.

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