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New Rear Wheel Flange


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I used to have Cycle Gear change my tires and they had it in stock, so I had them replace it. it is metal 45 degree. Very durable, at the moment the bike has 150,000 miles on it and all I ever have down is change the valve core every few times. And believe me I change a lot of tires.

I would highly recommend it instead of the rubber ones.

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Thanks. By coincidence, I just happened to drive by Cycle Gear yesterday while I was in Fort Worth. I replace my valve stem every summer when I replace the tires, but that looks like a nice improvement. Will definitely pick one up.

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Boy I like that also, would save a lot of swearing each time I check or add air at the rear. I will look for one also.

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Also on fleabay you can get anodized right angle valve stems... China specials, but I've used on for at least 10k miles and it is perfect. I got one in a blueish Greg color, works great.


And no, it does not throw off the wheel balance.

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Guest Kakugo

Just a head up: if you buy alloy stem valves either make sure you get a plastic cap or put a dab of grease on the threads.

Those things have a nasty tendency for freezing solid if fit with metal caps and the only way to solve the problem is by replacing them.

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Joe Frickin' Friday
..a blueish Greg color...


Just a tip: if Greg is blueish, he needs oxygen.

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Oh, forgot to ask, are you saying 'Bernie' that the new brake disk is a part of the recall job?


No the new disc is not part of the recall, it is part of using my brakes to much and wearing the disc below minimum thickness, those requiring replacement.

As long as you don't use your brakes, this should never happen to you.

As for the valve stem, no it is not part of the TPS system, I manually check my tire pressure, the old fashion way, with a gauge.


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