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Hi, I am new here..... wait....

Henrik Jordahn

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Henrik Jordahn

....no, I am not, actually.


I have been dormant on the bike scene the last 10 years.

After moving from Luxembourg to Denmark in 04 I haven't been riding, and the RT has been sitting quietly in a garage all the time.


Now the time has come to go riding again, a divorce, moving to Greenland (without the bike, no roads up here) and getting a job with a steady income has changed the playing field (not that my ex-wife objected to bike riding, quite the contrary, it was more a monetary issue).


In two weeks I will be in Denmark for a brief business trip and I will take the bike to the shop and get a very thorough service. Then I have all of July off before starting a new job up here in August.


That calls for first some single re-training before going on vacation with my 10 y.o. daughter to England, Luxembourg and Belgium.


I am SO looking forward to getting back on the road on two wheels, and rest assured, I am aware of my long absence from the hobby that I have to be careful not to be overconfident. But I am a cautious and conscientous rider, so I shall make sure I reaquaint myself with my bike before taking off into the wild blue yonder.


I am now looking through the forum for good advice on intercom, riding with young people and other related stuff, and glad to see a familiar name here and there.


With a bit of luck I will remember to post a piccie or two, and some stories from my re-entry to the real world of travelling.


Have a great summer and see you around.

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Glenn Reed



Welcome back! :thumbsup: We hope your reacquaintance with the RT and riding in general go smoothly!


Enjoy the time with your daughter as well. :)



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Hello - I'd look into the Sena bluetooth com units. I've had a pair since they came out and am getting ready to upgrade. Even the old ones I have work well for both rider/pillion and connecting phone, or other MP3 source. That way you can talk to your daughter sometimes, and when she gets tired of you, she can chat with her friends from the back of the bike or listen to music. (How cool would that be to have been able to call my friend when I was a kid and say casually, oh yeah - just riding along the coast with my dad on the motorcycle....)


Nice to meet you!


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If the shop you are taking the bike to is Xpedit in Ølgod, say hi to Rune and Kurt. I met Rune when he was on a bike tour in New Zealand, and bought a Schuberth helmet with SRC commns off him when I visited Denmark. I only used the comms once or twice, so I don't really have any advice regarding that.


Enjoy the ride and the holiday with your daughter. God tur!

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Have a wonderful trip.


Since 1968 I've also named my motos after horses from lit/myth.

After the long sleep, might need to look at several maintenance areas like the brake lines/tank hoses and of course, new tires.

Best wishes.

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Well, long time since we saw your avatar. Good to see you back. Hope your bike starts up and runs well after it's refresh. Looking forward to your stories. :lurk:

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Henrik Jordahn

Thanks, guys, good to be back.

Currently going through all manners of websites with stuff, I think that I have spent 100K $ on extras just within the last hour. At least in my mind.


I am certainly leaning towards the Sena intercom, sitting between the smh10r or 20s, probably more the 20s.


With regards to the long sleep of the bike, yes, everything needs going over, tires weren't that worn, but they will be replaced, and all rubber looked over and replaced as required.


Stories will follow, and in the off topic forum I will see if I can fit in a story or two about Greenland. Not much riding, haven't done much on snowmobiles, but who knows what the winter will bring this year?

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