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2000 K1200RS Engine Compatibility


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Are all the 1997-2005 K1200RS motors compatible with each other?


If I swapped a 1997 motor into a 2000 will there be any fitment issues?


I have been researching for a while but there is not a lot of info readily available on these big beautiful bikes unfortunately.


Thanks for any help!

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Dennis Andress

It would fit. But not perfectly. BMW typically makes some change between model years. 1998 being the first year for the K1200 there may be more change then usual.


I'd expect some difference in wiring. at the very least. Likewise for cooling lines, oil cooler parts and intake/air box. Spend some time comparing part numbers for the two model years on RealOEM.com

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tom collins

starting in 02, they went with the servo abs. prob some changes there in the wiring at least.

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