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Can I get the lower 48 on my Zumo 550


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Is it possible to get the entire lower 48 on a Zumo550? I have tried looking over at Zumo forums but the amount on information is daunting. I also find that the answers to my question use outdated tools that I do not have. I currently have basecamp and garmin express installed on my computer. I also have an 8Gb SD card installed. I just want the whole lower 48 on my gps. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, but on the SD card. I think your 550 probably has 1 GB of internal storage. The last time I checked, the latest lower 48 map from Garmin (2015) was about 1.6-1.8 GB. So, its not going to fit on the internal memory. Many folks use the SD card for the map storage and the internal memory for the waypoints, routes, etc.


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Thanks or the input. I went to Garmins FAQ and found what I needed. I now have the lower 48 and a good bit of Canada.I guess I should have gone there first.

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Just in case anyone else need the information you need to install Mapinstall from Garmin to be able to install maps to your SD card on a Zumo 550.

When you run the Mapinstall you plug you Zumo in and the program will see the Zumo and the SD card. Just select the SD card and select the maps you want to put on it. It will have a bar across the bottom that tells you how much space you hae on your card. An 8Gb card will hold all of North America

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