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'96 1100RT Valve adjustment/cylinder head bolt question


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Bike, '96 R1100RT, 150K+ miles.


I've done the valve adjustment on this bike several times, but have never done the loosening/retightening of the cylinder head bolts. I was looking in the Chilton's manual for how to adjust the rocker arm clearance and realize the valve adjustment procedure calls for loosening and retorquing the cyl head bolts. Is this really necessary? Doesn't make sense to me.


To adjust the rocker arm clearance do I need to loosen the cyl head bolts? It looks that way. The left cylinder rockers are near the top of spec. Right is .005".



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Evening Trobinson



You only need to re-torque the (1) cyl head stud nut that holds the rocker bearing on each cyl head.


At .005" you really aren't too bad right there. Spec is .002" to .0157 (almost .016").


You never want to set them to minimum when "only" using a feeler gauge as you can't get around the back to check back there.

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The right side I would leave alone. Left is .014 and why I want to adjutant it. I'd go to about .005 lime the right. So, I just loosen one bolt? Which one? Looks like there are 4 holding the rockers.

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Evening Trobinson


You need to loosen the 3 rocker bearing cap screws & the one cyl head stud nut.


Be sure to properly re-torque after adjustment. (if you don't have the torque specs or the procedure for cyl head nut torque + 180° let me know & I will dig them up for you)


You will need to keep re-checking the rocker arm end play as you re-tighten the cap screws & cyl head nut as the end play will probably change as you tighten things up.





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Hi DR,


I found the torx bolts and the torque specs. Specs for the torx bolts are in the top end section of the manual. Got the clearance to .004 - .006 back to front. Now it looks like I have to heli-coil a couple of head cover bolts. Why doesn't BMW use thread inserts in the aluminum parts? Aluminum strips way too easily. Anyway, thanks for the feedback.


I also re-torqued the other head bolts since after doing the one the valve clearance changed on the exhaust valves. Reset the exhaust valves and intake valves were ok. Now I'll have to do the TB balance again, but hopefully she'll be smoother after all this.

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