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Final drive to swingarm alignment with Ohlins shock


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So my adventures continue but only in the workshop.


Have Ohlins front and back that came with the bike. Rear spring is a 69/170 which is a probably heavier than I need riding solo with minimal luggage most of the time. My geared up weight is 220.


What I have found is that the final drive sits dog legged to the swing arm with the top of the swing arm boot close to full compression. Is this typical with the Ohlins shock? I did have weight on the bike when I tightened the torque bar nut. It seems I am not getting enough sag in the suspension.


I did repair the spring preload by refilling the remote but it was at the lowest setting anyway.


Any suggestions or insights?

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What you are seeing with that 'dog-leg' is what the paralever rear suspension is designed to do.

So, with the bike in a normal attitude it is a fairly straight line from the swing arm pivot backwards through the final drive pivot to the rear wheel axle.

As the rear suspension is compressed, the wheel goes upwards, but because of the torque arm, the final drive does not articulate as much as the swing arm.

Simple but clever at the same time.

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Morning Boomer343


As Andy mentioned it could be normal, or your bike could be sitting too high, OR your bike could have a different length (aftermarket) torque reaction rod on it (those will noticeably change final drive working angle).


Best suggestion is to park your bike next to a like model then take some measurements to see if you are normal or something different.


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Thanks for the replies and I believe everything to be stock except the Ohlins of course. I have confirmed it is the correct shock and the proper length. I built a spring compressor and took it apart last night. Shock works as it should without binding. I moved the factory preload on the spring so will see what changes that brings.

Now that I have the remote preload adjuster working it will give me on the high setting what I had on the zero setting.


Having the spring compressor I'll see if I can locate a lighter spring as well.


Time and money LOL

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