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This is a bit unorthodox insofar as UnRally preparations go. And I apologize if it forces anyone to reveal their intentions early. But you can do it privately in a PM to me.


I need to know if anyone is preparing a proposal for the 2016 UnRally in the western half of the U.S.. The reason we need to know now is that if no one else is planning to submit, then we have a proposal with a very good location that books up a year in advance, and it would be necessary for us to book the entire place NOW! The whole shebang right down to the last towel and pillow mint. This doesn't mean that other proposals won't be reviewed fairly and possibly selected. But the urgency and short season of the location that's been proposed (and it would be this way in any northern resort with a short season) requires prompt action if nothing else is forthcoming.


So please let me know (PM me). Your proposal doesn't need to be complete. We can discuss it in whatever stage it's in.


I'm making this a Global Announcement (it will appear in every forum) so that everyone sees it ASAP. By the weekend (end of May), it'll just be an announcement in the "Possible Locations" forum. I'll post to it below and let everyone know whether we have any other proposals.


Sorry for the disruption of what's become a standardized UnRally proposal process, but we need to know if we have to wait, or if we can move forward now.


Thank you.

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