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Howdy neighbor


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So today I had to go get new tires put on my pickup. I dropped it off at the tire shop and walked down the street about a quarter mile to get some breakfast. Then I walked down to the Tractor Supply Company and bought some flea treatment for the dogs. About that time the tire shop called and said "Your truck is next". So I started walking back to the tire store. As I passed the Holiday Inn, I saw a gentleman come out of his hotel room and start attaching panniers to a GS. He was actually in the path of the shortcut I could take across the lot to get to the tire shop, so I walked up and stuck out my hand. I introduced myself and told him I ride an oilhead RT and an old K. About that time I'm noticing the southern cross stickers and NSW plates.

"Mike" as he introduced himself and his wife "Sandy" had arrived in Los Angeles in April with the GS, and had made it as far as Lincoln Co, TN. I told him I never get to ride that far, and was myself all excited about getting to ride to Gatlinburg this coming weekend.

"We'll be there Friday thru Sunday ourselves." he said. They were hoping to catch a few days in the Smokies, ride the Dragon, etc.

I got an email, and hopefully I'll get to connect with them in G'burg and we'll all get to do some riding.


Should've snapped some pics, but was too caught up in the moment.

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Glenn Reed

You meet the nicest people on a BMW!


Good on you for introducing yourself and getting the conversation started. Hopefully you will see them again, but even if you don't they'll at least have that interaction to remember. :thumbsup:


Who knows, maybe they'll even find us at some point! :rofl:

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