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Purchasing 04 R1150RT -- suggestions for inspection?


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Hi all, first post here ...


I'm (hopefully) buying a bike my Dad purchased new but that we sold after he passed away in '08. I have a friend looking at it for me, as I'm across the country from where the bike is now. Wondering if there are "typical" issues with the model (again,'04 R1150RT) that he should focus on. The bike has been sitting for awhile (still trying to get clarity on how long it has been idle) because of a bad battery (and, apparently, a fuse).


I know this is a really generic question, and we're going to have it checked out, but was hoping to get a head start on what issues might arise with this model (and these circumstances) based on your collective experience.


Thanks in advance!

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If you put your location on your profile then we would know where you are. Who knows , there might be a member close by who could go with you to inspect the machine and give help.

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Hi David, I updated my profile to show that I'm in the VA/MD/DC area. The issue is that the bike is in Sacramento and I can't fly out there (I'll be shipping if I purchase). As I mentioned, just trying to ferret out any consistent problems with this model so that I can ask the current owner.



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roger 04 rt

How many miles are on the bike?


I would ask the owner these things:


--when were the in-tank fuel hoses changed last

--when were the stick coils changed last (if ever)

--how much play is in the clutch plate to transmission input shaft (inspect through starter opening) 2004 models have been good I hear, mine is.

--has the clutch slave cylinder ever been replaced

--how much play is in the final drive at the rear wheel



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Roger is spot on with his check points. You can get into a big chunk of cash real quick if a dealer preforms the work if needed. I understand the sentimental value of the bike to you.

Hope for the best, and good luck!

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From the other point of view......

If the mileage is somewhat low, get the bike, change every drop of fluids, take a good look at the tires, and then go ride.


The sentimental value is what makes this bike worthy!




Don J :wave:

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Sam Taylor

I'd also try to find out when the brake fluid changes were last performed, and if the brake hoses had been replaced. Unless done very recently, you would want to do that soon. Good Luck!

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Ask if the owner has EVER had problems with the braking system.

When was it last flushed. Is there a service history particularly for the braking system.

When the ignition is turned on you should check all the warning lights come on.

When the brake levers (hand and foot) are depressed, you should hear the servo system start up. When you engage the levers fully the noise should increase.


Check the complete operation of the windscreen up and down.

Bike on centrestand, turn the wheels. They will drag because of the brakes, but do they feel rough.

What does the engine sound like? Remember that it may well need a service.


The other items mentioned above have merit, but the braking system is the biggest issue on these bikes. The earlier 1150's had other problems, but you should be clear of them.

The 1150 is a mighty fine bike.

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Also, Id give a little wiggle to the rear wheel .. play at 3 and 9 and 12 and 6 to see if there's a possibility of final drive issues or pivot bearing issues..

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Thank you all for the excellent suggestions. I'm hopeful my friend will be able to check it out this weekend, using these questions to get a better sense of the bike's condition.

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