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Anyone know the guy that does ear plugs speakers?


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A few years ago I attended a BMW rally (from this forum I think) at Torrey Utah. It was an annual thing. While there my wife and I got a set of audio earplugs from a vendor that came to these events quite often. He had his own room there at the motel and did a good business with the BMW crowd. I think he was based in the Southwest somewhere.


Anyone know his name? Location? How I can get in touch?

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Got another guy named Mark Hood from Fit Ear. Contact me via PM if you want his contact info... Love my in-ear speakers from him! Very high quality...

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Al Schibi (480) 540-0521...metro Phoenix area


What he said. I think I saw in another post that he was going to be at the 49er Rally in Mariposa.

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There's qnother guy who attends a lot of motorcycle events. Namely, the IMS shows. Keith Baker at Ear Defenders. He's a ranked trap or skeet shooter as well.



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Thanks guys. Now if I can get to him....or rather my wife...she lost one ear plug. Got another done at the IMS show last fall but it hurts her ear.


I'll check with Al.


Thanks again.

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