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Comparative Seat height between 2003 K1200GT and 2002 R1150RT


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Does anyone have the seat height specs for these two so I can compare. I am contemplating the purchase of the K and was curious how it would compare to my RT which was just right at the lowest seat setting.


The 2003 K does not seem to have 2 piece adjustable seating like the R did a year earlier.

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The stock seat for that year has a two position seat.

It can be a difficult to get it in the high poistion but ez to slide it into low.

W/out bar risers, the seating position on the GT is slightly more forward lean than the RT is.

I for one find it much more comfortable than the sit up and beg of the RT which puts more weight on your sit bones.

The GT is smoother, faster, has better brakes, a larger electrical output, smaller cruising range, than the RT.

The GT is better looking.

Both bikes have some maintenance issues, the RT being more of a risk based on years of experience from postings here and elsewhere.


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