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Ehxaust Stud Torque?

Jim Moore

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HI Guys,


I pulled a couple exhaust studs when I was trying to get the nuts off. I have a pretty good plan to get them back into place, but I need to know the torque for the studs themselves. I didn't see anything in the manual, but I'm not sure I was looking in the right place. Another question. Should I use locktite on the studs? I have blue stuff and super-duper green stuff.


Edit to add: It's a 94 R1100RS with a 96 RT engine.

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Afternoon Jim


I haven't ever seen a torque value for those studs. Most 8x1.25 studs into aluminum are speced to somewhere between 13-15 foot lbs.


Personally I just turn them until tight & call it good.


You can use Loc-Tite if you want but that area runs so hot that the Loc-Tite will not do any good long term.


If you do use Loc-Tite just be sure you use very little & none on the end or the stud as you don't want to hydraulic the hole & damage the cyl head.


Just double nut the stud to install. Once in remove both nuts.


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Denny Pink

Hi Jim;


Apply copper based anti seize to studs.

Exhaust header nuts torque to 15 ft lbs.


Easy peazy


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Hi Denny,

That torque figure for a stud of that size looks about right. However, where did you get the info from? I can't find it in any of my maintenance documentation.

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Morning Andy


Denny is giving the torque for the stud NUTS (flange nuts) not the studs into heads.


1100 is 22nm (16.2' lbs) _(it's in the BMW service manual)


1150 is 21nm (15.5' lbs) _(it's also in the BMW service manual)

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