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I'm not entirely happy with how Hildy runs. Seems to me like she should be smoother. But since she's my first big flat twin (and first BMW), I don't know what to listen and feel for. When the dealer posted our wedding pic on his Facebook, there were lots of comments from people who knew her last owner about what a great runner she is, so maybe I'm being paranoid.


I posted a ride vid here. Would appreciate any feedback y'all can give. That run was from dead cold, so maybe that's a factor.

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If it's your first boxer then yes, there is a learning curve. As far a smoothness, that can be somewhat subjective.


You may want to do two things: Valve adjustment and throttle body sync. Either of these adjustments can have a profound effect on how 'smooth' your bike runs.


I noticed late last riding season that the 'smoothness' of my 99 was gradually getting worse. Over the winter, one of my maintenance tasks is to adjust valves and sync the TBs. After the valve adjust, I started the TB sync. Immediately, I noticed the balance at idle was way off. Running up the rpm did not change things; still out of balance. I got the idle set, then the 'at rpm' set. The difference is amazing. Completely smooth from idle to over 5000 rpm, then only slight vibration. Since I rarely cruise at over 5000 rpm, it's not an issue.


So - maybe do a valve adjust and TB sync.




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Danny caddyshack Noonan

This link should provide you with endless dirty fingers and head. Head from scratching it when the valve gap numbers move without touching that adjuster. :rofl: They don't all seem to do that though.

ADVRIDER Hall Of Wisdom


The link is blocked for me at work but, my recollection is, you want OREPAD, OVAD and Throttle Body Synch or maybe TBS? Bunch of other good info in that page.

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Afternoon Coinneach



That sure isn't the best sounding 1100 boxer I have ever heard but engine sounds usually come out sounding differently on recording equipment.


I can't tell enough from the video to point you at anything in particular but personally I would do a good tune up, valve adjust, TB bore/BBS bore cleaning, TB balance adj, engine compression test, exhaust pressure test (for leaks), TPS adjustment, verify CCP is correct, possibly do a coil/plug wire resistance test (plug end to plug end through coil), probably even verify the ign timing is in the ball park.


It doesn't sound like it is going to blow up or anything just not as smooth sounding as it should be (but that could be the recording quality as much as anything)

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Thanks, everyone.


My gotta-do list includes new plugs, wires, and coil, valve adjust, and TB sync (along with a raft of others). None of it's hard to do, but my apartment manager is tetchy about people doing maintenance in the parking lot and I really don't want to spend $300-$400 on 6K service at a shop (yes, that's the price I've been quoted - $900 for 12K).


Eh, I'll figure something out.

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Post an "event" message on the Rim Riders board asking for someone local to you to host a tech session in their garage.

As is said, "if you furnish pizza, they'll come"... :lurk:

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Took her to Go AZ this morning. They did the valves and TBs, and at my request replaced the plugs, changed the oil, flushed the brakes, and put on a new set of Pilot Street shoes. Baby runs and handles *much* better now, but thank Om for my 0% APR credit card.

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