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1100RT vs. 1150RT shocks


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I am trying to find out if anyone knows the difference between an 1100RT front shock and an 1150RT front shock. The reason I ask is that I purchased an Ohlins BM601 for my 1100 and bought an 1150RT before I installed the new shock on the 1100. I called Ohlins and they did a little research and found out that their shock is the same for both bikes except for the spring that is installed. They did a spring replacement on the BM601 and it is now a BM124 and fits the 1150 perfectly. Since my shock off the 1150 has less than half the miles on it that the 1100 shock has I was going to put the 1150 shock on the 1100 but wanted to ask if anyone knows if this would be an issue. I know that BMW lists different part numbers for the 1100 and 1150 but they also list different part numbers for Authority shocks for both bikes and they all fit so I suspect BMW part numbers refer to spring rates also.


I do know that the rear shocks are different for the 1100 and the 1150. Any comments from someone in the know?

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Just my 2 cents.


The difference in weight between the two bikes is about 70 or 80 pounds where the 1150 is the lighter of the two. I am guessing that would constitute a different spring.

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5lb difference between two.


Well what did you expect for two cents? :rofl:


I did the homework and you are correct sir, they are nearly the same weight. I stand corrected.

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well even if the calculator got a work out concerning the weight, we still don't have an idea about the shocks and/or numbering or fitment do we. I

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To confuse the issue a little bit, I have a sidecar on my R1150RT and wanted to have shocks rebuilt and new springs. Rather then sending the originals, I purchased used shocks to send. The front one needs a specific type of cap and I found one from an R1150RT with that type of cap. When comparing the RT and RTP front shocks, the RTP one appears to be a much heavier build. The eye that the lower bolt goes thru is cast and much thicker. Not sure if it is because it is from an RTP or if BMW had more then one provider.

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