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Selling RT1100SE to 1st Time Rider IS THIS SAFE???


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I an selling my 2000 RT1100SE, she is all done up with all the best Farkles, my buddy wants to buy it and he has not ridden a street bike, he is the same size and weight as me so the bike will fit him well, bike has Ohlins, lowered 3/4" new Mich Pilot 3 and is in excellent condition, my concern is after he takes his safety riding course is the RT too much bike for a new rider,


He is in good physical condition and has ridden some dirt bikes when he was a kid but that was bout 25 years ago and was limited to about 30 short rides. he is very good on a bicycle but an rt is a mc.


He wants to ride on country roads and travel from Atlanta to Utah, Virginia etc.. I would be riding with him so I can have him follow me and teach him about long distance riding and things you have to watch out for all the time..


Would appreciate your thoughts..


Thank you and God Bless



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John Ranalletta

You can't live other peoples' lives for them.


Had the same qualms before delivering Ed's Blackbird to a young Milwaukee dad and firefighter. He committed to buy it and twice before delivering, I offered him a chance to get his deposit back and kill the deal.


He was adamant that he wanted the bike and I delivered it.


Think of it this way. If you don't sell him the bike, instead of being on a ride, he investigates a gas leak by lighting a match. Want to live with that?

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Hi John


So are you advising that I should not sell the bike??? I know he is a very conservative driver and will take the basic motorcycle safety course before I sell it to him..


Thank you for your valuable input!



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I think he was trying to say that he understood your concern and had similar concerns himself, but that in the end, your potential buyer is an adult, capable of making his own decisions and could just as well die in some other completely un-moto-related way regardless of whether or not you sell him the bike :)


I would say, an RT is really a lot bike for a beginner, but that many folks have done just what your friend wants to do...and it sounds like at least he has a good mentor in you, and you say he's conservative. The RT WILL go fast, but you don't HAVE to make it do that.


If you and this guy are really friends, I'd say to him what you've said to us, and see how he feels. Maybe make a plan to do X miles with him after his basic class and then the two of you take an advanced/experienced rider course together, and then do X more miles together, etc.



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Thanks for the uinput... I have discussed my concerns with him and he knows I won't sell him the RT unless he takes the safety course.. I know my own experience on my RT is it is definately a very safe MC probably the best handling and not really over powering motor so I feel it is a very safe MC for the experienced rider..

Common sense and willingness to learn and practise go a long way to safe riding.. experience is also important..


I appreciate everyones input!~


Thank you and God Bless!



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Hi Stewart,


The RT was my choice to get back into riding after 17 years away from the two-wheeled world. The salesman, a retired CO highway patrol colonel, watched me take off on my first test ride and turned to a friend who accompanied me and said "Oh yea, he'll be fine!"


I started out on dirt bikes then segued to street bikes with my last one being an '81 GW. There's a certain amount of balance, awareness, and innate ability that never leaves you IF you really were into riding in the first place. Based on what you wrote, I suspect that your friend has the essentials and needs only your advice and companionship as he reenters this wonderful pasttime.


Good luck and best wishes to both of you! :thumbsup:

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Do warn your friend that he will drop the bike at least once. The RT is a top-heavy beast, especially with a full tank. Warn him about the dry clutch, too.

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I don't post here often, but I hope to change that in the future.


I had never ridden a motorcycle in my life prior to 2005. Took my safety course on a Buell Blast in a parking lot, got my license and went over to the BMW dealer and rode off the lot on a used 2004 R1150RT. I did drop it once trying to get it on the center stand pretty early on so +1 on Bill's comment.


I would think your friend will do just fine.

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When you sell him the bike, suggest some parking lot time.

Practice start/stop/foot down, turns, signaling/cancel etc.


When it becomes second nature to stop, downshift, foot down, start and shift w/out issues venture on the road.


Taking a route w/few stops to give him a chance to get some sea legs and where he can practice accel/decel, passing/turns etc.


After that it up to him to practice.

Best wishes.

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Let him take the basic MSFcourse. He'll be on 200-250cc bikes. Light. Easy to handle and maneuver. Once he's done, take him immediately out to an empty parking lot and let him try your bike around the perimeter and doing some light swerving through the marked parking stalls. That should give him an idea if he's ready for this kind of weight. He may decide to go with something lighter. He may buy your bike so he doesn't lose out AND something lighter for his first couple thousand miles, before he transitions to the RT and sells the lighter bike. Who knows? But if you trust his judgment, bring him into the equation. Just help him compare a learners bike vs. a 660-lb sport touring rig.

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