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Upcoming trip: PHX-SEA-PHX - August


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Two of my friends (they're a couple, they both ride - he has a Speed Triple, she's a newb with an F650GS) up in Seattle have invited me up for a weekend in August, seeing as how I have a nigh perfect tourer. I'm kind of torn on how to go.


Google Maps (may they burn in hell for forcing this fancy new craptastic version on us) shows a few different routes, including going up I-5 through California. Since I carry, that's a big ol' NOPE. US-93 through NV doesn't appeal due to temperatures and lack of facilities. I did the AZ-UT-ID drive a couple of years ago and was held down to about 45 mph the whole way thanks to jackass RV drivers camping in both lanes, when there *were* two lanes.


Any of y'all done this run, especially in summer? Any other route suggestions that aren't just mile and miles of superslab?

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

I assume non-LEOSA permit otherwise, 395 or 1/101 or forego the carry. I think there might be a route that stays in west NV via LV and then you can route up through Reno and Pyramid then kiss the corner of CA. Everything else is awful dry.


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