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'73 850 Moto Guzzi Eldorado with Velorex sidecar, followed me home.


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This lovely old gal needed a new home. Her previous owner treated her gently for 40 years. She has less than 9000 miles on her clock. It's going to be a fun summer.



Damn, new Smugmug account won't let me back in.


Hopefully pics to follow.


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Nice. Had one of those minus the sidecar. Was a great ride.

I bet you'll have fun...


Had an Eldo and an Ambassador in the 80's, great bikes. Also looking forward to the pics.

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OK, here's the pics. I'm replacing the chrome lined bores, and the pistons, parts are in transit.


Everything came apart easily, even the exhaust bits.





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What a beautiful bike and rig! I look forward to more posts about the work you have planned for it.

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Sweet looking rig!

I'm curious though, with only 9K miles on it, why are you replacing the cylinders and pistons?

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These chrome bores are known to blister and separate, then chrome bits get in the oil and wreck havoc in bearings and other vitals.


The answer is a barrel kit made in Italy by Gilardoni. It's reasonably priced, and if it goes in as easily as the old parts came out, it will be good to go. It's a shame to replace barrels that look so new, but those that know, say it's a grenade with the pin pulled.


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It's alive! The rebuild was delayed a week after some ham-fisted duffus broke a piston ring. So while I awaited parts, I put rebuild kits in the carbs, new ignition wires, and fuel hoses.


Then it huffed and puffed, and started right up! Was able to adjust the idle down to a gently rocking 1100 rpm. First time in seven years.


I'm going out of town for a few days, but when I get back it will be overdue for a road test.



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Matthew Miller

I have a 1970 Moto Guzzi Ambassador. presently I am doing a ground up re-build on it since I hit a car that pulled out in front of me about 9 years ago. My Ambassador is buy no means stock, in fact there is very little that is stock on it. This past season I re-built the motor with a Big Bore kit that raises it to about 850CC. Going to paint hopefully this year and in a couple of more years it will be alive again.

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I put 100 km on the bike, and I'm impressed.


I'm currently on the GTL, and returning from Alaska. When I get home I'll hook up the 'car and see how that goes.


Mine is damn simple to work on, and parts are easy to find.

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Matthew Miller



Smoky, this is a link for a great Moto Guzzi site for all of the information you will need for your Eldorado. You are right the Moto Guzzi is very simple to work on because it was based off of a car motor. In fact on my 1970 Ambassador I use a Generator from a type 1 volkswagon. The Starter motor is the same also. For parts that you need. go to Harpers cycle or Cycle Garden. They are both online and very knowledgeable in old moto guzzi. Enjoy the King of Italian Touring bikes.

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I've been pointed to those sites and others. There's a loyal and knowledgeable following of these grand old bikes.



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Salmon Arm?

I grew up in Salmon Arm.

I now live in Vancouver but visit every time I can.

Love to see the bike.

Enjoy the ride.




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