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New RT owner


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I picked up my 2015 RT a few days ago. I've been riding and learning a lot since then. I've got the bluetooth sorted out (Thanks to this forum), I've ordered an enlarged foot for the side stand and some saddlebag liners. I'm looking for a tank bag and a rear bag. For the tank bag I'm waiting on SW Motech to make a ring that will work with the keyless ride, which I hope comes along soon. On the rear bag/tail bag, I'm leaning towards Kreiga but I'm still researching.

I'm also thinking I'm going to need a seat. I can ride for about an hour on the highway, not putting my feet down on a regular basis, or maybe 2 hours while riding in town. I'm considering a RDL.

All in all, I've been riding for about 26 years and this is the most well rounded bike I've ever had. I can't say enough good things about it. It does many things very well. My only complaint is that it's love bug season in south Louisiana and it doesn't take long to cover the bike, helmet, and anything else in the wind, in those darn bugs. Happy to be a new RT owner!


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Welcome aboard, and congrats on your new ride. Please post pics of you new bike, or some on here might think that it never happened. :)

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Welcome and there's anything but love in those bugs. Don't let 'em eat the paint.

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Remember to grin inwardly and avoid love bugs in your teeth. :grin:


And How! :grin:



Welcome, great bike! :thumbsup:



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