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Mounting a Rugged Tablet/Notebook to a cycle


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Well folks I need to some assistance from the collective wisdom here...I will likely be purchasing and deploying for the municipality I work for 4 BMW motors in a few months. As such we are looking for modernizing the way we outfit our motors.


My goal is to equip the motor (and/or Officer) with a rugged tablet that runs full blown Win7 or Winhate (or 10) so they can run our CAD (computer aided dispatch...not that other stuff), our RMS, and print citations using our e-citation solution.


I envision the tablet/notebook to have internal hardware GPS (for location streaming in CAD), internal LTE for connectivity, and bluetooth to our citation printer.


I am wondering if anyone has "mounted" a rugged larger tablet to a BMW motorcycle recently at all or knows anyone who has.


Just looking for input/advice.




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Glenn Reed

We make extensive use of the Panasonic Toughbook computers for our installation personnel. I know that local LEO's also use the same gear, in their squad cars. They are very ruggedly built, for just that type of use.


Panasonic now has a ToughPad version, which sounds like the kind of device you're looking for. They ship with Windows 8, but with downgrade rights to Windows 7.


They are equipped with Bluetooth, and GPS and LTE are options.


As far as mounting, there are companies that have secure mounting solutions for the squad car - Infocase, Havis, and Gamber-Johnson, but I was unable to find such for the motorcycle mounting.


There are more standard, and less secure, RAM mounts available for the ToughPad. One such solution is available from GPSCity.


Let us know what you come up with!

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Toughpad is what I was zeroing in at only because they have a mag swipe reader (driver's license)...Getac makes one also but I don't think it has a mag swipe reader.

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wow, I really like the FZ-M1. I have been looking for a good tablet that will work on the bike and run my basecamp. basically I just want something I can run my windows basecamp, check e-mail and surf the web if needed at night. maybe download that days tracks to basecamp etc. As I do more and more dual sport riding I like to document my days ride at night. I am going to look into these.

never mind 3K price tag. only government agencies, with tax payer money can afford these :-)

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Glenn Reed

I know what you mean about the price tag. I do not work for a government entity, but our guys are rough on all their stuff. We have a source for refurbished units, so that helps.

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