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Turn Signals--Weiser Ultra Bright LED Blinker

Frank B

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Has anyone tried the Weiser Ultra Bright LED Blinkers? I read that they may cause an error message which must be upgraded with software and that they may be against the law in some states.

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Afternoons Frank


If they don't have enough resistance they could cause a light-out dash warning (can probably be stopped by using some additional clipping resistance)


As to being against the law, unless OEM, or DOT approved, they would be against the law in all US states. Usually not a big deal though as most states lack the knowledge to look for, or test for, improper T/S lighting unless they are the wrong color on the wrong end of the bike.

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These folks have plug n play LED bulb replacements that are significantly brighter than stock and no issues with ZFE/Canbus.

Bunch of folks on ADVRider,including myself have bought a set and are very satisfied with our purchases.


Took about 10 min.to change out all 4 bulbs on my '14 GSA.



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