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2015 RT audio Yoda needed.


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Ok, i always thought i could hold my own with electronics BUT....

I was able to sync the Garmin Nav V, with my new Sena. My IPhone paired fine as well to the Sena.


The issues:

When using the gps to the sena, the volume is way to loud. Or my playing music from my iphone is way to low. I looked all over on the Nav 5 for loudness the only adjustment is mute or not. On the wheel sttings nothing for the gps. When i lower the volume on the wheel and the bars go down it has no effect?


2. The aux when i plug into from my iphone to the aux plug and point to the aux on the SAC wheel, i still have no music even out of the speakers. .


3. The USB pointing too yeilds no music as well to my sena or out my speakers. .


I find no help in the manuals of the Nav5, nor the RT manual on the above.

Insights from any audio Yodas is very appreciated.


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If you have the GPS off the bike the start up screen has a speaker volume icon. Press the speaker and a master volume screen comes up and you can adjust from there. Worked with my SMH 10. Sorry, I can't help with the other questions.

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Download SmartLink from Garmin onto your Iphone. When I did that problems largely went away...Everything works as it is supposed to now except volume wheel on bike. I use SENA to adjust volume. I hear music from radio, from Iphone, GPS, and as GPS speaks music is muted then comes back. I let everything sync before syncing Sena....Then when phone and GPS has done there thing, then go to helmet 1 on bike screen, then activate sync feature on sena by holding in the small button...


Hope than helps.

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Hope this helps.


I was in the same position as you and I have called for support from BMW (waste of time), Garmin... (very helpful)... and Sena...(best of all of them).


Tip: If you call Gamin ask for the OEM group. This is a special section where Garmin and BMW have apparently worked together to make things work as planned. These guys are helpful and I really recommend them, but frankly Sena tech support is even better. The Garmin guys probably would be a good resource for the Volume question.


One thing that will make your job easier is to really come to understand the several different pairing methods on the Sena.


This is the shorthand version from Sena, (get your Sena Owner's Manual out and read about the pairing methods):


1. Set up the Intercom first (if you are synching to a passenger), then

2. Method 6.1 to Pair Headset to Bike.

3. Method 6.2 Multipoint Pairing of Sena to NAV 5.

4. Pair your Phone to the Nav 5.


This approach will give you all the Audio options on the bike to your headset. Radio (AM/FM/Satt) and access to the devices you plug in to the cables on the right hand box.


It also gives you telephone in/out via your phone through the Nav 5... including the phone's contact list.


Once you get a successful pairing scheme you will not have to do the pairing dance every time you ride. It should setup automatically every time... except the Phone to Nav 5 will have to be checked each time. Mine seems to pair automatically now if I have the B/T set to ON on the phone.


If you have been dinking around with the system and are still looking for a combination that works... you might benefit from a factory reset of the Sena... it helped me... see the Sena website.


As far a playing music that resides on your phone... best call Garmin and the OEM guys... You may find it far easier to download your tunes to a thumb drive and connect the drive to the cable in the glove box.


Nav 5 Volume: I have the same issue... and tried to control it by fussing with the volume on the Nav 5 itself. I got a message saying the Volume is controlled by the bike's Jog Wheel not the Nav 5 volume setting... but the suggestion above is a good starting place. I ended up using the Volume control on the Sena which seems to achieve a pretty good balance of volume from all the various inputs.


The really irritating thing about my struggles (and yours too, probably) is that the BMW support system, meaning dealer, BMW Motorrad North America, the BMW reference material in the owner's manuals etc... are not helpful. I could find no one who actually has a definitive answer to making things work.


Garmin is a great resource but they do not have all the answers either. Sena tech support has helped me more than all the others. Give them a call if you have not already.

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Morning hopz

You guys are certainly getting far better support from Garmin then overseas customers.

I rang Garmin twice for different issues and their attitude was dam right arrogant and left me with the feeling of: "Why do you bother us. Work it out yourself"

I have over the years owned around 8~10 Garmin devices between work and personal vehicles.

Except for the Navigator itself (should I ever buy another new BMW bike), I won't be using their products again.

Their product support and far more limiting product range over here, leaves us with over priced products with limited support and usefulness.

End of rant.

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I finally did a Senna reset back to the original factory spec. Then I went ahead and paired the telephone the GPS and the bike. As long as I turn everything on in the proper sequence when I get ready to take off everything will pair up perfectly. If I don't do it in the proper sequence it gets all screwed up. It's a matter of using the proper sequence. It's PIA but it works. GT

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Alfred... sorry to hear about your difficulties with Garmin Support.


I am not affiliated with them in any way but I was a very early adopter of the original Zumo 550, and in-fact I was the first Moderator on the Zumo forums.


Times and technology have changed and sadly, I am in the self-teaching mode again with the new wet head bike. BMW USA corporate has been no help what-so-ever with the electronics. Even the dealer has been unable to clear up the fog on the subject even though they are anxious to learn themselves.


Hang in there... it does get easier over time.



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Hopz, thanks for the detail. One piece of info for you on the volume. Take the garmin on of the RT cradle. Turn it on and now you can adjust the volume leve to 70%,40% etc ( just like the old Zumo).


Ps, your country out there, Blue Mesa, Pogosa Springs, as well as the Springs were great on two wheels.


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Hopz - thanks for the insights, I'm still struggling. Should I follow section 6.X or 5.X?




I'm trying to link the following.

1. Bike Radio - FM, Satellite

2. Nav V - Audio direction instructions

3. Music from a USB drive in the right compartment

4. Phone calls from iPhone 6 with caller-ID on Nav V


So far I could only manage 1-3 to work. No luck with iPhone.


Thanks in advance for your help.



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I see the problem...


You are on a different Sena, and the paragraph numbers for the 20S may be different from the para numbers in the SMH 10 book.


Since you have step 1-3 working the remaining issues seems to be pairing the phone to the Nav V.


The phone to GPS ought to be the easiest of the bunch.



With the Nav V on, go to the Bluetooth page on the unit. Turn Bluetooth ON on then BT on your phone and they should see each other. If you need more details on phone to GPS pairing you might look on line, or youtube, or call Garmin OEM.


Funny thing is that at times the phone to GPS just works, and other times you have to fuss with it. Same with BT on the bike. Most of the time it just pairs automatically, then other times you may have to turn the pairing function from the bike on and back on.


It is a mystery I still have to solve on almost every ride.



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