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Paint code


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I do not have it, but my painter asked me for the VIN and obtained the paint details from his sources -- I *believe* he may have called BMWNA directly with the VIN.

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I looked hard and long for the Ebony paint code. I wanted to paint my topcase myself. Never found the code, or anywhere I could buy a pint of color to spray.


I still have connections at the dealership where I used to work. Went to the body shop. They told me they don't look at paint codes all the time, just put a fancy machine on the paint that tells them where to start with the color mix. Done that on mine and the paint is a very good match.

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The local automotive paint store here just told me that the Ebony color is a B15 and the other fellows were right when they said the Marina blue what's up D51. GT

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I typed in B15 on the Colorite site it came up with



BMW Light White

SKU # : 8008

Vendor : ColorRite

Manufacturer : BMW

Manufacturer Code : B15




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Something I learned a long time ago: The "paint code" shown on a sticker somewhere on the bike does NOT directly correspond to the paint color on the body panels.


You really need a professional's help (and likely your VIN) to chase down the actual paint specs (colors to be mixed, metal flake density, etc., etc.).

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