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New starter?


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Just went to gas up the bike. Started fine in the driveway but when I fired it up at the gas station it made sort of a clangy-grindy noise. Did it again at the bank and back in the garage. Time for a new one? Just over 60K on the bike. Also, what's reasonable to pay for one. I see Valeo's for around $200 and 'aftermarket' for about $70. Not looking to cheap out on these sort of things, just wondered what the difference is.

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Thanks, David, I'll let you know how it goes. Half that 90 minutes is just going to be getting the plastic off... ;)

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So what happened? I ended putting a cheap starter for $58. Shipped to the house. I did the cleaning, worked a lot better, but once hot would do that 2 second delay before turning over. So I installed a cheap new one. See how long it last.

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