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Suggestions for front wheel stand?


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I'm beginning to think about doing my first tire change on the RTW. All of the bikes that I've had before have been balanced to resting on the rear wheel when on the center stand -- pull the rear wheel and then they rest on the front. So, never had a need for a stand as long as I only took off one wheel at a time.


What should I get for the RTW? Do I need both a rear and front stand or is there a front-only option that will work for me? I'd appreciate recommendations to specific stands.


(I've done a bit of searching the forums and seen that some folks tether their bike from above to rafters. That's not an option for me because my garage ceiling is drywall finished).





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A block of wood and a small jack under the engine for removal of the front wheel. Don't jack it up high enough to lift the centerstand off the ground -- all you need is just enough to get the rear tire to be in contact with the ground.


Removal of the rear wheel will result in the front wheel resting on the ground (since the rear wheel mass is removed from the bike. I suppose you could put the block/jack under the bike behind the centerstand for extra security, but no real need to do so.

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Guest Kakugo
A block of wood and a small jack under the engine for removal of the front wheel.[/b]


This worked perfectly for me for years.

A few years back I splurged and bought one of these to replace the jack/wood combo.

For the price it works too well and being mechanical it won't lose oil/air pressure and ruin your day. ;)

Note that I only use it to lift the front end of the bike: at the rear I always use the center stand or my trust old ABBA stand.

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I weight the rear of the bike, living in the country I'll have a 50 lbs sack of something to put on the rear seat available. Be sure to always tie off the centerstand, you don't want it to fold up on you it will ruin your day.



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