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Redman to the white courtesy phone ...


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I just saw your picture post of your GS110GK.


Now that you've ridden the RT for a few miles, I'm curious to hear how they compare in your view. Your thoughts?

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Maybe not a fair comparison.

My 82 GS1100GK is a bit low on compression and suspension a bit weak also.


And I don't really have too detailed of a analysis of the comparison.


GK has bigger fairing.

Rode this morning at 38 degrees for about an hour with no wind blast at all (other than feet).

Was out for 5 hours (near 50 upon return), no problem.






RT better handling in curves.

RT much much better brakes.

RT better suspension.



GK is in my garage here.

RT is 2250 miles away at my daughters.

I should do something about that.



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